Mr. Chimezie Henry  Ebuluofor popularly know as  Mr Henry Montego is the CEO/ MD of  Henry Montego Homes, a  residential  real estate firm Whose  vision is to use Real Estate as a tool to solve Health, Unemployment, Educational and Residential problems in Lagos, Nigeria.

He grew up in Anambra, attending the Sedes Sapientia school Onitsha Anambra  state.           and graduated as one of the top students  before migrating to the United State of America when he was barely 15-years of age. Just like every young individual seeking more opportunities and knowledge , he  relocated to the U.S.A, in Houston Texas , where he stayed for many years studying and working before coming back to Lagos state, Nigeria .

Mr Henry Montego, didn’t just stumbled on Real estate or dive right into it, in fact he had no idea about the field, and wasn’t even interested in anything that had to do with Real Estate. But even with that he has always been an Entrepreneur, and a big believer of “ BEING YOUR OWN BOSS” .

When he arrived Nigeria few years later, he stated a plantain business, where he employed his first batch of workers. Creating jobs for the people who didn’t have an opportunity. That business lasted for a few years. But he realised in order to do more to his community, to Lagos, he needs to make the opportunity bigger and available to everyone. So he started venturing into smaller real estate investments, studying the field and the market.

The Now 38-years old  CEO of Henry Montego Home’s vision for Real estate was born, when he discovered that the community he loves so much are having  series of housing problems, coupled with lack of Basic Health and Educational facilities to improve their living conditions. And to make matters worse, most of them didn’t have good jobs to afford this facilities that they so deserved.

And with his  understands their struggle because he too had had to stay without basic needs, and was once sent packing out of his house because he couldn’t pay rents,  wanted a better life for his family and his community. That was the birth place of Henry Montego Homes.

So in 2014, he stated the company. But unlike any other real estate firm, he used the opportunity to create jobs for his community, and provided affordable yet luxury homes for families. One of HMH very first projects was called “ Montego Garden 1” which is a home to  10 families. And  six and half years later, he has proudly provided Homes for more than a 100 families, and with his new Project “ Garden 4” located Off Abraham Adesanya, he will be able to provide Homes for 350-500 families , and this is just the beginning of something extraordinary for Africa.

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