Africa of the Future: Better Together

Young African Leadership Forum Awards 2024 | July 9th - 14th

Redefining, resetting, and serving young Africans

Ensuring a sustainable future for our young generations should be of immense concern to all those who care for the spirit, soul and memory of Africa
– His Imperial Majesty (H.I.M) Ooni of Ife

Royal African Young Leadership Forum

RAYLF’s mission is to redefine centuries of the rich resilient spirit of African Kingdoms which embodies many defining principles of its identity such as economic prosperity, blessings of natural resources, valuable inheritance of its creative culture and human capacity” – His Imperial Majesty (HIM). Ooni of Ife.

RAYLF Awards

The RAYLF Award is one of the world’s leading organic and sustainable mechanisms or Africa young leadership achievement award that is harnessing, shaping and recognising the ambitions, energies and success stories of millions of 20 to 39-year olds across the globe.


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