Nancy Isime

Nancy Isime is a Nigerian actress, model, and media personality with incredible years of experience driving unique rich stories of Africa on the screen. She is one of the iconic personae that is leading the Nollywood movie industry maximum growth enterprises. Nancy has enormous credit in transforming the modern creative culture through her dogged and […]

Samuel Otigba

Samuel Otigba is a social entrepreneur, a Super connector and relation- ship broker who nurtures business relationships and continuously leverages on social capital by identifying mutual business beneficial situations to broker high powered one-on- one business introductions. With over 10 years’ experience in brand/product marketing strategy, reputation management & development and digital marketing, he is […]

Oghenetega Iortim

Oghenetega (Tega) Iortim is CEO and founder of Gricd Integrated Servi- ces, a cold chain technology company that provides IoT solutions to enable last mile delivery of temperature-sensitive products such as vaccines, insulin and food. With a degree in Communications Engineering from Covenant Univer- sity and an entrepreneurial career spanning over 10 years, Tega is […]

Olugbenga Olubanjo

Olugbenga Olubanjo (Olu) is the Founder & CEO of Reeddi Inc and a MASc (Master of Applied Science) Graduate of Civil Engineering at the University of Toronto. Olu’s award-winning Startup, Reeddi., leverages its proprietary technology to innovatively provide clean, reliable, and affordable electricity to individuals, households, and businesses operat- ing in the energy-poor regions of […]

Adebola Williams

Adebola Williams is the co-founder and Group CEO of RED | For Africa, the continent’s largest portfolio of youth-focused media brands includ- ing Red Media Africa, StateCraft Inc., The Future Awards Africa, and Y!/ A pioneer at the intersection of media, democracy, and social change, Adebola has been profiled by Forbes and CNN as the […]

Wale Erinfolami

Wale Erinfolami is an Architect by training, who is passionate about busi- ness, innovative architectural concept designs and real estate develop- ment in Nigeria. Born in Lagos, Nigeria. Wale Folami is an Architect by profession and a philanthropist by passion. A native of Osun state, He is the 2nd of 5 children. Wale was born […]

Fejiro Hanu Agbodje

A pioneer in the African Crypto space, Hanu Fejiro Agbodje is the Founder/CEO of Patricia Technologies, an alternative payment solu- tions company that is redefining everyday transactions through the power of Blockchain Technology one Crypto transaction at a time! An avid traveler who’s on a never-ending quest for knowledge, Hanu has over the past five […]

Abubakar Nur Khalil

Abubakar Nur Khalil: Tech & Innovation “Abubakar is a Nigerian programmer, Bitcoin core contributor, and CEO & CTO at Recursive Capital, a Bitcoin venture capital fund. He and his fellow Bitcoiners launched Qala—a program designed to train the next generation of African Bitcoin and Lightning developers. He also serves as one of the 4 board […]

Ayodeji Balogun

Ayodeji Balogun is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of AFEX, where he is leading a team of experts leveraging technology, innovative finance, and inclusive agriculture to connect agriSMEs and smallholder farmers to commodity and financial markets. He holds an MBA from Lagos Business School; Global CEO – Africa from IESE Business School and a certificate […]

Farida Mohammad Kabir

Farida is a seasoned Information and Communication Technology Manager with over 10+ years experience as a Software Engineer, Data Engineer, Technical Product Manager and ICT Policy Advisor in the private, public and development sector. Farida is currently working as the Lead Digital Development Consultant within the World Bank Group’s Digital Development Global Practice on the […]

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