Royal African Awards

The Royal African Youth Leadership Forum (RAYLF) Awards

The RAYLF Award is one of the world’s leading organic and sustainable mechanisms or Africa young leadership achievement award that is harnessing, shaping and recognising the ambitions, energies, and success stories of millions of 20 to 39-year olds across the globe. RAYLF Awards is a collaborative journey that changes lives. Your partnership will serve as a historical tie for a better Africa and its future generations.

“Africa’s young populations is shaping the wealth of the continent and has become the hidden source of its strength which should be unashamedly cherished and adored”

His Imperial Majesty (H.I.M) Ooni of Ife Tweet

Call for Nominations

Help us find young people who are Pushing personal boundaries, Shaping Africa narratives, Recreating the landscape of socioeconomic development, and Gaining networking and building their communities